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Window glasses that can withstand High Wind Pressure

Strong winds can destroy homes and buildings, ripping away roofs and shattering windows. While there’s no set wind speed that will break windows, typically, “the window can be expected to withstand up to 15 pounds of pressure for every square foot of its surface before it breaks.”


Extreme weather such as strong winds can cause severe damage to buildings and can be extremely dangerous for the people living there. The damages aren’t just in terms of money that can be lost to strong winds but sometimes properties and lives are lost too.


Sadly true!

Even with all the technological advancements we see today, natural disasters are hard to predict and prevent. In such scenarios how can we ensure our window glasses are strong enough to withstand high and strong winds? 

Now, the premise of using high wind withstanding glass as compared to regular glass is simple. With a single glass pane window, the glass will begin to flex when strong winds hit it, before ultimately shattering.

Installing protective safety films can to an extent reduce potential damage caused by high wind loads.  These films offer good protection from strong winds and do not distort the view. However, the film that you’d want to choose depends upon how close your home is to wind prone areas and the force of windstorms you might face. 

The best thing to prevent breakage from impacts is to look for impact-resistant glass, which is specially designed to hold up to impacts from flying debris. Window glasses that are made specifically so that they can withstand high wind are guaranteed to protect your home. This is especially if one lives in areas that are prone to thunderstorms, wind storms and more. Such windows are made from a number of layers of glass. These are bound to a plastic interlayer and put in strengthened sashes and frames. Finally, the laminated glass is sealed firmly inside the frame with a highly flexible silicone adhesive. This entire process ensures that the laminated glass pane stays within the frame when there are high-intensity winds hitting the pane.


Now, look at the other benefits of using such glasses:

  • This help improves the thermal efficiency of the home thereby reducing the power bills. 
  • Also, these work great if you are living in highly traffic-congested areas; they keep the unnecessary sound out of your home.
  • You can be certain they protect your home from not just windstorms but even flying debris that can be equally devastating.


This is why you should upgrade your existing windows windproof windows…


  1. Especially if your house is frequently hit by strong winds and you are concerned that this may eventually impact the structure of your home.
  2. With glasses that can withstand high pressure, they provide homeowners a piece of mind since they prevent damage from storms and also prevent thefts and forced entry.

To sum up, it can be said that glass is a multifaceted building material that does require special attention when it comes to building a home. 

Before you set out to buy strong window glasses, make sure that you’ve measured your window space properly. Now that we know a little about the different kind of glass used, it is very essential to pick the right kind of glass for the right place in the house so that the final outcome will be very attractive, effective and safe as well. 

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