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Know about heat resistant glasses that withstand higher thermal load

Heat-strengthened glass is quite similar to tempered glass; with a difference being in the pace the heat-strengthened glass is cooled down, which is at a much slower pace. Heat-strengthened glass is about twice as strong as annealed glass of the same size and thickness. 

“Glass has been strengthened thermally by inducing a surface compression of 6000 to 9000 psi as compared to a range of 11000 to 20000 psi in case of fully tempered glass is known as Heat Strengthened Glass.”

The difference between tempered glass and HS glass:

These are two popular choices, but they have a few differences that are hard to ignore. They are:

With tempered glass, the cooling process is speeded to produce higher surface compression. In this process, the glass is four to five times stronger and safer than annealed or untreated glass. As a result, tempered glass is less likely to experience a thermal break.

With heat-strengthened glass, the cooling process is slower, which means the compression strength is lower. In the end, heat-strengthened glass is approximately twice as strong as annealed, or untreated, glass.

When the glass is strengthened through this process, it adds strength to the glass and minimizing breakage characteristics. 

Heat Strengthening Process:

The glass is heated to a uniform temperature of approximately 650º C to 700 º C in an electrically heated horizontal furnace. Ceramic rolls transport the glass through these furnaces at controlled speeds for uniformity and minimal optical distortions. The cooling cycle, however, is less rapid. The slow cooling cycle is also the reason why heat strengthened glass develops less stress as compared to fully tempered glass. The entire process increases the mechanical and thermal strength of heat-strengthened glass, making it twice as tough as annealed glass.

Features of Heat Strengthened Glass:

  • They provide resistance to thermal stress and heat build-up. A great feature for your home windows!!!
  • They allow the internal layer of laminated glass to adhere more evenly because of a flatter finish surface.
  • They have less optical distortions.
  • They have a good amount of chemical resistance, hardness, expansion, and deflection.
  • They are difficult to break.
  • They have a Thermal Shock Resistance up to 130°C and mechanical strength that is two times stronger than annealed glass.

Benefits of using heat-strengthened glass for your home

  • When compared to tempered glass the mechanical strength of heat strengthened glass (HS glass) is about 1.6-2 times that of annealed glass.
  • Heat-strengthened glass has exceptional thermal stability, with features such as flatness and light transmission that is similar to annealed glass, heat strengthened glass is much better than that of tempered glass.
  • HS Glass has high resistance to thermal stress, almost 3 times more when compared to normal annealed glass.
  • HS glass cant can withstand temperature difference of 100°C and is less susceptible to spontaneous breakage.

Understanding the benefits of opting for heat strengthened glass:

A popular choice, Heat-strengthened glass is recommended by design professionals for vertical vision spandrel areas and for laminated sloped glazing. Also, the one feature that cannot be ignored id HS glass is valued for its mechanical strength which is twice of normal annealed glass.

With a flatter finish, less optical distortions it is a preferred choice in places where high optical quality is required.

HS glass is used in high wind load areas, where additional strength is required and also where there is a need for resistance to thermal loads. 

To conclude, safety is a fundamental consideration when determining the type of heat-treating process necessary for a project. We can say that when it comes to deciding whether to use heat-strengthened or tempered glass please consider primarily the application of the glass, where it is being used. 

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