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Glass: What’s Best for Your Home?

A sneak peek into the different types of glass used for windows and doors 

Constructing a home is a lot of hard work, sweat and toil, in the literal sense and also mentally exhausting. Choosing the best material, efficient and long lasting glass that can withstand extremities and opting for the best quality are some of the prerequisites when it comes to choosing the glass for your home or project. But, did you know there are different types of glass? And with the advancements in glass technology you’ll be able to choose something for your home that makes it striking and safe. Glass manufacturing technology has advanced greatly over the past decade that we now have an array of glass that help from reducing heat and glare to giving the home owner an increased sense of security and safety.

For any home owner building a new home or for someone replacing their windows, he/she will need to know about the various types of window glass, so they can choose the best.

Here are some details about the different types of window glass. Read more to know about them!

Float Glass

This is made from the process of forming molten glass into large, flat panels giving you the smoothest possible large, thin glass panel. This is very basic sheet of glass, available at low-cost.

Safety Laminated Glass

This is an extra-strong, security-enhanced glass made by combining two panes around an inner layer of PVB (polyvinyl butyral).   

The best reason to opt for this is even if the glass is broken; it stays in the frame giving your home security. This glass gives the home security with its extra strong features that is similar to the windshield of a car.

Obscured Glass

This lets light to come in, but one cannot look through it. They come in different glass patterns that allow you to see only vague shadows of what is behind the glass. Typically, these are used for bathroom windows, shower doors and entry door areas.

They give you a little privacy yet let in natural light from the outside.

Annealed Glass

This is made after a systematic, controlled process of cooling a panel of float glass. The idea is to strengthen the glass by quick cooling. However, experts do not refer this glass for home windows as they leave sharp pieces when broken.

Tinted Glass

When color is added to the glass to improve its aesthetics, privacy they are known as tinted glass. They also cool the temperatures and protect from harmful UV rays.

Insulated Glass

These are two or three panes of glass, in an insulated unit that are typically laminated or tempered security glass. These are a great choice that’ll help you keep your heating and cooling costs down.

Mirrored Glass

Here a panel is given a metal coating on one side that gives an extra protective sealant, creating a mirror effect. 

Low-E Glass

Low emissivity glass is specially coated to reflect thermal radiation. 

Wired Glass

Wire glass is a fire-resistant glass. Here a thin wire mesh is embedded into the glass during production. How does this work? In case of breaking, the mesh holds the pieces of glass. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass is made up by bonding two or more sheets of glass together with layers of PVB, under pressure and heat, so as to make a single sheet of glass. 

Now that we know a little about the different kind of glass used, it is very essential to pick the right kind of glass for the right place in the house so that the final outcome will be very attractive, effective and safe as well. 

With so many options available it can be said that glass is a multifaceted building material that does require special attention when it comes to building a home. 

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