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Aluminium Windows or UPVC Windows

Here is the big question. More and more homeowners are confused about which windows are best for their home, uPVC vs. aluminium windows?

Choosing the right material for your window frames is extremely important and it will depend on the requirement and the value for money. While uPVC and aluminium are popular choices for windows, what is better amongst the two is something the individual needs to decide after having a thorough look at what they have to offer.

Here is a look at what uPVC and aluminium have to offer…

uPVC windows

uPVC is unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride and a popular choice since the eighties, known best for its qualities such as “Tough, resistant to rot, and requiring very little maintenance.” The downslide of the uPVC started when cheap versions of the uPVC made its way into the market gradually tarnishing their reputation in recent years.

Aluminium windows

An alternative to uPVC, aluminium is seen as a perfect combination of aesthetics, great performance and durability.

What is the difference between aluminium and uPVC windows?

There are obviously many differences between the two materials, but here are a few factors than can help you decide what’s better for your home needs.


Aluminium is nearly always much more expensive when compared to typical uPVC. 


While uPVC windows do have a long life span, the frames are not as tough as compared to aluminium. Aluminium is a much more tough material when used for window frame that can stay for very long periods with barely anything to be spent on maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Contemporary uPVC maximizes thermal retention and aluminium windows are equally thermally retaining to keep any home warmer for long periods of time. 


Here the winner is aluminium with its incredibly sleek sightlines; combined with strong durability, and generously allowing the amount of natural light to enter the home.

uPVC frames also look good but the disadvantage here being there is slightly less leeway when it comes to customization. 

Sound Proofing

uPVC provides the best soundproofing for homes in a busy built-up area and this is probably the reason for its popularity.

Ease of maintenance

uPVC is a good option if you want a material that is easy to maintain. However, aluminium windows are extremely resistant to deterioration, completely weatherproof making them look as good as new.

Which one should you choose? That is the question!

Aluminium vs. uPVC: The Verdict

For every home owner the needs are different and the budget is yet another deciding factor. So, if you are looking at something that is energy efficient yet equally impressive in its aesthetics, aluminium windows are the choice for you. They also stay for lifetime, so no replacement costs too! They look great, are energy efficient and work well for most home owners.

While they are priced higher, they can last longer than their uPVC counterpart and offer many benefits as a result. Furthermore, aluminium windows are durable, low on maintenance and are extremely weather resistant.

On the other hand, uPVC, despite being low on cost, they are durable and don’t require much maintenance.

Depending on the requirements of your home, the size of your budget, aluminium frames considerably enhance your home; both aesthetically and thermally. 

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